Bees and other creatures!

I share my home and surroundings with a group of people, a couple of rascally pups and of course my bees! As I stand at the kitchen sink in the morning gazing out the window into my back garden, I immediately wonder how the bees are doing. It’s been cold and wet for the last month. It’s hard to know what’s happening in the hives as I can no longer open them up and see what is going on for myself. On sunny days, even when it is at zero and frost has coated all the plants and fences, the bees are visible, going in and out of the hive, cleaning, taking out the dead, whizzing back and forth. My small hive is always less visible, less active and therefore much more of a mystery. I’ve placed bee cakes where they can reach them. It does allow me to peak under the top for a few minutes to check on things but all I can say for sure is they are alive but not consuming much of the cakes.

And so I ponder. Are the dogs fed, are the people happy and what’s happening with the bees today? We have several more months of winter, with the worst of it before us. I expect the fretting to continue! It will most certainly motivate me to plant more bee friendly things, especially fall bloomers.