Me too!

My “Me Too” experiences in life….the overly chummy & somewhat creepy junior high school teacher who always managed to run his hand up and down my back (and other girls) while we talked…..or the family friend I worked for for a very short time in my teens who called me to his office one day, shut the door and propositioned me while trying to corner me against the wall…and when I explained to my father why I left that job suddenly he refused to believe me……I, like most women, developed that awareness of when the world around me was not safe, an alertness to avoid “that guy” or that situation! I am not shocked by the number of me too’s…..just very sad! And angry! So angry! – by the stories that are much harsher or violent or destructive than mine!

I have daughters and I know each of them have been subjected to some kind of harassment or assault! From boys groping them or leered at them or making suggestive comments to them to the more threatening actions of men who grew up doing those things to girls as if it was their right.

Every women knows these men and they aren’t always big powerful guys like Harvey Weinstein. Sometimes they are sleazy co-workers or bosses at some job that you desperately need in order to pay the rent or feed your kids. Those are the worst because you have to put up with some of it or put them in their place and risk being passed over for promotion or fired.

While we are having a public conversation about these issues right now, there is no guarantee that the discussion will continue or will change anything.  Weinstein may be the sacrificial lamb, the one that gets nailed and pilloried in public so all the other Harvey Weinsteins of the world can carry on!




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