More on bees!

The rainy season is upon us. Grey days of rain and showers! In the rainforest there is a distinct difference between the soft showers, the steady rain or the deluge! Every morning, I stare out the window at my Bee hives as I listen intently to the weather report and witness with my eyes the state of wet we will have for the day. The bees hunker down when it’s rainy, rarely peeping out of their hives.

I’ve tipped the hives ever so slightly forward so the rain flows away from the hive entrance. But it’s inevitable in a steady drippy downpour that the entrances are wet. Even the slightest hint of better weather has the bees heading out in small numbers, checking out the landscape for food sources.

The moment the sun shone today, the bees were out! After soggy wet days for the past week, they were so happy to be out, drying off, foraging! A cloud of bees is hovering around each hive and I’ve seen bees checking out every tree and bush and late blooming herb! Luckily, the rosemary has a whole crop of late blooms and the bees quickly found them. But it’s scant foraging to be sure this late in the season.

That means it’s important to feed my bees as the cold weather approaches. Bees love sugar cakes and perhaps a bit of pollen! I’ve made a massive stack of sugar cakes and a few days ago I slipped a few cakes into my little hive. Because of its diminutive size, I’m sure they will struggle through the winter. They simply don’t have enough stored honey and pollen so I have my fingers crossed that they will struggle along, accepting the sugar cakes and perhaps other supplements before spring.

The bigger hive is better set for the winter with lots of honey and a much larger, more robust hive.

I am hoping that, despite the forecasts of a long snowy winter, we will have a shorter milder time here on Vancouver Island.

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