Bee stories

As the days grow shorter and colder into November, the bees spend most of their time inside the hive, coming out for short flights to check on the neighbourhood. But it only takes a wee bit of sun to encourage a cloud of bees to form outside the hive entrance. You can feel their joy that the rains have ceased for a short time and they can fly out into the fresh air. Fortunately, I have several large rosemary bushes that continue to produce blooms, as well as the ceanothus tree, and I am always thrilled to see bees giving them the once over. I don’t imagine there is much nectar at this time of year though.

I checked on my small hive today, ready to slip in a few more sugar cakes. However, they have only just started to eat the previous cakes, presumably living off the small store of honey they have. With several months to go until spring, I continue to be anxious about their survival.

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