The bees in winter!

January 2018:

My bees constantly amaze me! Yesterday the temperature crept up around 10 degrees and sure enough the bees were out! There cannot be much in the way of nectar producing plants anywhere on these cold and wet days but still the bees were busy. I watched my wee struggling orange hive being cleaned, the undertakers carrying the dead out and dropping them into the grass. They have whittled away at the sugar cakes I tucked inside as well, which is good news! But we still face many days of cold and rain before the spring days are warm enough for reliable nectar.

The robust yellow hive was much busier as always, with bees coming and going. There are obvious signs of housecleaning there as well, with a few bodies littering the ground under the hive. I itch to get a look inside to see what’s happening in both hives but it will be many weeks before I can open them up and see what’s going in. Until then, it’s a great mystery.

But I take enormous comfort from the kind of activity I saw yesterday! A little voice inside me says “Hooray….they are still alive!”

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